Winter Solstice

Yesterday, the 22nd of December marked the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year as we like to call it. Obviously the shortness of this day is referring to the day with the least hours of sunlight. To be exact, it is 7 hours, 49 minutes and 41 seconds in Britain. So now we can look forward to the next six months of days growing longer until Summer arrives.


During the winter solstice, people take photos at Stonehenge, located in the UK in Wiltshire. It still remains a mystery as to how the rocks were transported across Britain so long ago.

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The shark whisperer, Ocean Ramsey aims to change our fear of sharks


ocean ramsey

You might know of Ocean Ramsey as not so long ago she went viral after shooting a video swimming with a great white shark and even grabbing hold of the shark. Perhaps nominative determinism didn’t give Ocean any choice in life. She was always going to grow up and be part of the ocean.

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Don’t be a tosser: Why throwing away rubbish is destroying our planet

The word ‘Tosser’ in the Oxford English dictionary means – ‘a person or thing that throws something’.

don't toss your rubbish

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Climate Change Talks in Paris

United Nations Conference on Climate Change Paris Talks

After the worldwide demonstration that took place around the world ahead the Paris Climate Talks, it became evident that the world is watching and demanding action for a more sustainable future. The worldwide march labelled ‘No Planet B’ that had over half a million protesters from all over the world campaigning to save the world from ever increasing sea levels, temperature, droughts and natural disasters. With over 2000 events organized, it could be the biggest truly global march in history.
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Jeppesen Charts Updated 24th November


We are pleased to announce that there are newly updated Jeppesen charts for TIMEZERO software  available in our chart catalog for purchase as of November 24th.

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Changes in the Ice Pack in Baffin Bay

by Janusz Kurbiel

The size and extent of the ice sheet in the Artic varies considerably from one year to the next and from one region to another.

Our observations for the period between 1977 and 2015 indicate a direct correlation between the melting of the ice and the position of anticyclones in the Northern Hemisphere in relation with the trajectories of the depressions.

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American Jeppesen charts for TIMEZERO software

We are pleased to announce that the American Jeppesen charts for TIMEZERO software were published and are available in our chart catalog for purchase as of November 5th.


These updates include the latest charts and NTM provided by our data providers.

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