Version 2 of the MaxSea TimeZero App Features AIS and Radar Compatibility!

We are very excited to announce the release of a new version of the MaxSea TimeZero App for iPad: v2.0.0! This updated version includes lots of useful new features, designed to make boating easier, safer and more enjoyable.

Release of v2.0.0
Here is a summary of the most important new features:

  • Free chart updates

If you already own a chart zones for the MaxSea TimeZero App in any previous version of the App, you can take advantage of free-of-charge chart updates! This one-time free chart update is offered to all of our valued customers that purchased any chart zones in version 1. Whatever chart area(s) you previously owned will be updated once you install V2 of the MaxSea TimeZero App.

  • AIS compatibility

The MaxSea TimeZero App can now integrate AIS data, as long as you add on the “AIS Module” which is an In-App purchase. This module allows you to connect any NMEA 0183 AIS receiver through the Wireless Network, and display AIS targets on the App’s charts.

Detailed AIS target information is available by touching any target on your screen. This displays Name, MMSI, CPA, TCPA, Vessel Type, Size, etc.

AIS Module Price: 8,99€

MaxSea TimeZero App: AIS compatibility

  • External instrument connections (NMEA)

Now it is possible to use external instruments that have been connected to a NMEA 0183 WiFi multiplexer through the Wireless Network. The Maxsea TimeZero App can now display additional data such as Depth, Heading, Sea Surface Temperature and use a dedicated external GPS.

  • Share feature

The Maxsea TimeZero App for iPad has launched a new (Beta) service that lets users share their position with friends and in turn, see their friends’ positions on their chart.
Positions are only shared after an invitation has been sent and accepted. You can manage your friends directly from the app or from the dedicated website.

Your position can be viewed on devices other than an iPad. In this case, the friend must create a My TimeZero account. The user then shares their position with this account, which can be viewed as a regular web page.

  • FURUNO DRS4W Radar compatibility

Now you can integrate the MaxSea TimeZero App with the FURUNO 1st Watch Radar! To do so, the Radar Module must be added as an In-App purchase. This module allows you to connect the FURUNO 1st Watch Wireless Radar to the MaxSea App.

You can then overlay the radar image across the navigation chart in the MaxSea TimeZero App, ensuring heightened security onboard.

Radar Module Price: 49,99€

MaxSea TimeZero App: Radar compatibility

Download the MaxSea TimeZero App v2.0.0

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Canada Raster Chart and Americas Jeppesen Chart Updates

We are pleased to announce that the following raster and vector charts for TimeZero software have been published by MapMedia and available in our chart catalog for purchase on April 30th.

The following chart versions will be available:

MaxSea Raster and Jeppesen chart release - april 2015 EN

Updated Information
These updates include the latest charts and NTM provided by our data providers.

Additionally, the following chart zones have been merged:

  • WRMNA900MAP4.1 + WRMNA901MAP4.1 = WRMNA900MAP5.1
  • WRMNA902MAP4.1 + WRMNA903MAP41 = WRMNA902MAP5.1
  • WRMNA913MAP4.1 + WRMNA914MAP4.1 = WRMNA913MAP5.1

Examples of before and after chart areas






Click for more examples of Old vs. New chart comparisons of Canada Raster charts and Americas Jeppesen charts.

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5 Simple Tips for Improving Boat Safety

Sailing and boating are wonderful pastimes, but it can also be a very dangerous environment and needs to be given respect. Whether you are messing around in a dinghy or racing across oceans – safety always has to be paramount. Champion sailor Alex Alley gives us 5 simple tips on how to improve boat safety.

“When I was learning to sail, I remember my father once said to me about the sea – ‘it makes a good servant, but a bad master’. It took me a while to understand what he meant, but I soon realized what he was talking about.

Safety has to be top of the list when boating. I once had to fill out a risk assessment form for a corporate sailing trip. It seemed that serious risks were everywhere, from falling overboard to being hit by the boom.”


By following a few simple rules, these risks can be easily reduced:

  • One of the top ‘rules’ for me is simply common sense – don’t mess around. If you run around the boat you are more likely to slip and fall – potentially over the side! The last thing any crew wants is a man overboard situation. It is one thing picking up a fender and a bucket during a drill – it is completely different picking up an unconscious person out of the water.
  • Alcohol and boating don’t mix very well. It impairs your decision making and can upset your balance and judgment. Although in the UK there is no specific law against drinking and sailing – it is a foolish skipper who does. Save the drinking for the bar once back ashore.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. That includes the weather and what to expect. If you are crewing onboard a boat, don’t always assume the skipper has seen everything around you. Make them aware of nearby boats and obstructions – they probably have seen them, but don’t presume that they have. There is nothing worse than running in to a buoy hidden behind the jib.
  • Sail within your limits. Often people get in to difficulty when sailing beyond their means. Too much sail up in strong winds makes the boat hard to control and likely to broach, which can in turn send crew and equipment over the side. It isn’t a fast way to sail the boat – generally boats are much quicker if they are more upright. It’s also safer and more comfortable.
  • Maintenance. It may not seem an obvious safety point at first, but worn or damaged kit can cause a lot of problems. Worn out equipment usually breaks when it is least convenient. A faulty spinnaker pole topping lift for example can cause the pole to drop on unsuspecting crew. Poorly maintained lifejackets and lifelines speak for themselves. Regular maintenance is the answer – prevention is better than cure.

Sailing is a great sport and past time and is there to be enjoyed by everyone. By using common sense and following a few simple rules it can also be enjoyed safely.

Learn more about Alex Alley, champion sailor and MaxSea partner.

If you have any tips of your own for what to look out for when purchasing a boat, simply leave a comment.

10 point safety checklist

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Release of Version 2.1.2 of MaxSea TimeZero Professional Range

We are pleased to inform you that a new update of MaxSea TimeZero professional software has just been released and is now available to your customers: v2.1.2.

Many new features and improvements are included in version 2.1.2 of the MaxSea professional software range. Best of all, this update is completely free for any TimeZero ECS/PLOT user.

 Please read the complete description of improvements:

 New Features in MaxSea TimeZero v2.1.2:

  • Possibility to import Marks, Tracks, Lines and 3D user data from ECC Globe.
  • Compatibility with the NMEA0183 “RSD” sentence allowing to display a radar cursor on the chart. This is useful to geo-reference the cursor of the standalone radar in TimeZero.
  • Possibility to import PTZ2 files directly into TimeZero v2.1. PTZ2 files are 3D files that were used in previous version of TimeZero (v2.0) and below.
  • Possibility to change the plotter background color when no chart is selected from the “Chart” button in the Ribbon. The background color can be selected from the “Plotter Display” Options.
  • New option to remove currents computation on the active route (ETA, Speed, HTS etc.). This can be useful when you don’t want any currents to be taken into account in any of the Route NavData and list information.
  • New Online AIS MarineTraffic integration providing more reliable and faster refresh time. Please note that a MarineTraffic account is required in order to activate this feature in TimeZero:

A range of other miscellaneous features have been added and various bug fixes are included in MaxSea TimeZero version 2.1.2. A detailed description of all improvements is available in our explanatory PDF.

Price: The update to version 2.1.2 is totally free for all current MaxSea TimeZero users.

Download: You can contact your regular MaxSea reseller to download this update. Alternatively, you may log into your MyMaxSea account and use the download link in the ‘Downloads’ tab.

v2.1.2 description
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NOAA Raster and Vector Chart Updates for the USA are Available Now!

These US charts have been updated and are available as of March 17th, 2015 in our Chart Catalogue:

MaxSea NOAA Chart Update List

The following NOAA chart versions are now available:

  • VECTOR – MWVSUSAMAP9.1 NOAA Vector Charts & USACE Inland Charts

Updated Information

  • Updated NOAA Vector Charts (S57): This Edition adds 70 new Vector Charts to the library as well as many other chart updates.
  • Updated NOAA Raster Charts: This new edition includes the latest chart updates that can be found on the NOAA paper charts.

Read full information about these chart updates in this PDF file.


NOAA charts are totally free of charge and you can download them through our Chart Catalog, to make sure that you’re using the most up-to-date chart data available for US waters.

Watch our new video - 5 Interesting Facts about Nautical Charts

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6 Tips for Fighting Motion Sickness Onboard

This month, world champion sailor Alex Alley gives us his tips for how to fight motion sickness onboard:

“One of the things I get asked about a lot when I am taking people out sailing for the first time, is sea sickness. Possibly the most debilitating thing that can happen to otherwise healthy people at sea.

 It is real and it can sap energy out of the most upbeat person – however, the advice I would give is – don’t worry yourself about it, it can happen to the best sailors.”

My 6 top tips for fighting motion sickness:

  • There are many types of medication on the market, a popular one is Stugeron. There are pills, wrist bands and patches. Each have their fans, however some also have their drawbacks in that they can sometimes make you sleepy.
  • You can help yourself by not going out for a big meal with lots of alcohol the night before you sail.
  • There are also things you can do onboard if you start to feel a bit queasy. Firstly, keep warm, most important. Once you get cold, your body starts to shut down and you then can’t help yourself.
  • DON’T go down below if you can help it. Once you lose sight of the horizon, it tends to make people feel ill. I’m told it is the mix of signals to the brain. Your eyes tell you nothing is moving (you’re inside the boat so have no reference), but your ears are telling you that you are moving (the fluid in your ears gives you balance). This conflict of information confuses the brain and makes you feel unwell.
  • Try and eat something plain, such as a ginger biscuit (ginger is supposed to help) or a piece of bread.
  • Finally, the best piece of advice I can give is to occupy your mind. Maybe take the opportunity to take the helm if you feel confident and someone can guide you. This focuses your mind and stops you thinking about being ill.

It is not simply the movement of the boat that makes you sick. Many people say they get motion sick in a car as a passenger, but not as a driver. Tthe motion is exactly the same – so some other process must surely be at work! Perhaps it is driven by anxiety, or the feeling of not being in control?

I’m not a psychologist so I can’t say with any authority what the cause may be. I do however spend a lot of time sailing and I’d like to finish this article by referring back to my first piece of advice – don’t worry about it, anxiety will only increase the chances of you feeling ill, in effect you will make yourself feel sick!

Embrace the experience of sailing, learn about it and try and understand it, that way you will know what to expect, you will feel less anxious about it, you will have fun and trust me, you won’t be sick…

We would like to thank Alex Alley, MaxSea sponsor for sharing this advice with us. Alex is a round the world yachtsman, inspirational speaker and world champion. Learn more about Alex.

If you have any tips of your own for combatting seasickness, simply leave a comment!


MaxSea TimeZero Free Weather Forecast Service

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Raster Chart Updates for the Transat, Central America and Caribbean

The following 4 Raster chart zones covering the Transat, Central America and the Caribbean have been updated and are available to download in our Chart Catalogue as of January 29th, 2015:

Raster Chart Promo MaxSea February

Save on These Charts!

We are offering great discounted pricing on each of these newly-updated charts! Check out the promotional prices here!


These chart updates include updated information (changes in ports, harbors, buoys etc.) as well as corrections to chart data. It is recommended to update your chart zones regularly in order to have the most up-to-date information for navigation. This is very important for safety on board.

Here are a few examples of the enhancements in these chart zones:

R50 lanzarote

R912 panama

You can find further examples of the changes made to these updates charts in our Facebook or Google+ albums.

Take me to the MaxSea Webstore

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