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Sailing for Change

We are proud to be an official partner for French round the world sailing project Their goal is to sail the world, produce zero waste and also carry out scientific research. They consist of four young and self-proclaimed dynamic personalities who want to use sailing the world as a way to promote a different way for everyone to live on land by recycling and participating in an economy which makes sense.

Their goal is to use the idea that even sailing around the world can be done waste free, to promote and highlight every aspect of waste that we may not take into account on a day to day basis and educate their viewers about how they can put into place the same practices at home.

They will be releasing a web series which will each stick to a different theme that all audiences can understand and associate with. For example, highlighting the heavy topic of our current linear economy of mining, producing, consuming and throwing away and talking about an alternative lifestyle in the circular economy based on renewable energies and products that are not toxic.

It is certainly a worthy project, especially if it can inspire others to adopt the same policies whether they’re sailing or at home on land.

They are set to leave Brittany, France in October of this year.

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Green Shipping Cargo

There is a current trend taking place among cargo ships to reduce their carbon emissions. For the most part it is economically viable go look at green shipping practices which can be defined as anything that reduces the carbon footprint of shipping. The reason that it is so important to look to reduce the emissions of these carbon footprints is primarily because 50% of costs for these vessels comes from the fuel itself. So simply by reducing fuel costs, shipping companies make more money.

Transporting cargo by boat remains the most efficient and carbon friendly means of transport but there are still billions of tons of CO2 being released into the atmosphere each year as a result of the ship transport industry. Ships transporting cargo equals 2.6 percent of total carbon emissions worldwide and that number is certainly going to increase at a rapid rate as is reported in this European Parliament report which estimates shipping accounting for 1/6 of total carbon emissions by 2050.


L.N.G Powered Ships

L.N.G powered ship

This method uses liquefied natural gas which can be chilled to minus 260 degrees Farenheit. This releases up to 20% less carbon emissions than the standard tar like fuel.

“We came to a decision that rather than putting Band-Aids on things, we should look for ways to address core issues of maritime emissions,” Peter Keller, executive vice president of Tote, who built two ships that can use this technology after shelling out $350m. This method is not necessarily cheaper but provides a better marketing angle for companies who want to reduce their carbon footprint during transportation of goods.


Bubble Technology

Several companies such as Silverstream have created a bubble technology to produce a carpet of bubbles along the bottom of a ship. As the hull is mostly encountering air instead of water, the friction encountered is reduced and so the ship can go faster. Tests on a Shell 575 foot long tanker showed nearly 5% change in fuel efficiency and with further improvement they feel that they could even get close to 10%. While this technology is in it’s infancy, with time it could become adopted on a mainstream level.


Slow Steaming

Slow steaming has had a significant impact on liner ships since the economic crisis back in 2008. Simply by reducing the speed, by several nautical miles per hour, fuel consumption is reduced significantly and less COis emitted overall.

Over improvements can be small but effective such as polishing propellers or coating the hull with paint that inhibits algae growth. In any case, it would seem that real technological advancement will need to take place in these larger ships before it can be passed down to the leisure boat industry.


With 70,000 cargo ships on the high seas there is a lot of potential for decreasing carbon emissions and saving money, so technological advances seems like a no brainer. Perhaps it won’t be too long before your boat will be fitted with air bubble friction reduction technology.

Watch this video below about improving shipping fuel effeciency:

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The small Island Mamula, from concentration camp to luxury resort with yacht marina

montenegrin island mamula

Mamula, Montenegro

It is hard to imagine that this small island in the Adriatic Sea could have been used as a concentration camp where over 2,300 people were imprisoned during World War 2 under the orders of Mussolini.

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Dutch startup’s ambitious idea close to reality

Final testing of the Ocean Cleanup is set to take place in the North Sea. You may have heard or watched the Ted talks in which Boyan Slat as a 17 year old talks ambitiously about how he is going to get rid of the plastic in the oceans. Well not only was it a great idea but with the idea now 4 years down the line, he is close to making it a reality. If the project really is feasible and it really could clean up the floating plastics, starting with those in the great pacific garbage patch, it would be huge.

The ocean clean up

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Spindrift 2 falls short at final hurdle

Spindrift 2 have failed to beat the Jules Verne around the world record falling agonizingly short. A message posted on their Facebook page let their fans know that at the final furlong, the weather had not been kind. Banque Populaire V’s record was off the books. Within the brief message they showed the spirit that exists within the close knit team and talked about the adventure in itself being their ultimate goal but still, they must be bitterly disappointed to have got so close.

yann guichard spindrift 2

Yann Guichard, Skipper of Spindrift 2

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Spindrift 2 take on the Jules Verne Trophy record

Spin Drift is the latest Jules Verne challenger. Equipped with a revamped Banque Populaire racing machine that set the world record with Loïck Peyron back in 2012, they set out to beat that challenge. This time they have had it rebuilt to be harder, faster and stronger than ever before.

spindrift racing
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Winter Solstice

Yesterday, the 22nd of December marked the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year as we like to call it. Obviously the shortness of this day is referring to the day with the least hours of sunlight. To be exact, it is 7 hours, 49 minutes and 41 seconds in Britain. So now we can look forward to the next six months of days growing longer until Summer arrives.


During the winter solstice, people take photos at Stonehenge, located in the UK in Wiltshire. It still remains a mystery as to how the rocks were transported across Britain so long ago.

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