Changes in the Ice Pack in Baffin Bay

by Janusz Kurbiel

The size and extent of the ice sheet in the Artic varies considerably from one year to the next and from one region to another.

Our observations for the period between 1977 and 2015 indicate a direct correlation between the melting of the ice and the position of anticyclones in the Northern Hemisphere in relation with the trajectories of the depressions.

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American Jeppesen charts for TIMEZERO software

We are pleased to announce that the American Jeppesen charts for TIMEZERO software were published and are available in our chart catalog for purchase as of November 5th.


These updates include the latest charts and NTM provided by our data providers.

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We are excited to present you TZ Professional V3: The biggest TZ release ever

Release date set for 11th January 2016

preview v3 professional

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Chinese Shark Fin Sales Cut in Half after Yao Ming plays central role in raising awareness

China had recently become the number 1 market for sales in shark fins due the increase in wealth and the cultural connotation with status in society. However the actual awareness amongst Chinese about what they were actually eating was very low. According to a survey carried out by WildAid, 85% said that after knowing the implications of eating shark fins, they no longer wished to participate in the trade.

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Chile Makes the Desventuradas Islands a Marine Reserve


Chile can proudly say that it has joined the movement of marine reserves by protecting 559 miles of water around the islands of San Felix and San Ambrosio. The Desventuradas Islands were never really a fishing spot as they a too far off from the mainland to be profitable (except for swordfish). The area is estimated to be 115,000 square miles of ocean around the two islands; San Felix and San Ambrosio, which is around the same size as the state of Arizona (114,000 square miles).

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The Guy Harvey Great Shark Race

great shark race logo

Racing mako sharks is the latest ingenious idea to come out of the Guy Harvey Research Institute at Nova SouthEastern University, in Nova Scotia (Canada). The race has one simple rule, the shark that travels the furthest in 6 months wins!

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Gender inequality in the world of sailing and racing: The reality of women in sport from my perspective

This article was originally written by Isabelle Joschke who is a French-German skipper (Generali-Horizon Mixité.). She has raced 7 times in Solitaire du Figaro and is sponsored by MaxSea. 
Joschke Isabelle

For me it seems that women representing the sport of sailing has become one of the images of our modern society. Women and of course girls are signing up and taking part in leisure sailing in the same numbers as men. However, when the level of competition rises, the gender ratio staggers towards men. In competitive racing as a whole, we, the women, represent only 5-10% of competitors.

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