Jeppesen Chart Updates for Europe

The following 24 Jeppesen vector chart zones for Europe have been updated and are available as of Thursday, July 17th, 2014. 

Europe Jeppesen Vector Chart UpdateDownload these nautical charts online from our Chart Catalog

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Nautical Charts Enhancements

The chart data in these zones has been updated, and many areas now include additional details, which makes for the safest navigation possible.

Here are some examples of direct comparisons between the last version and new versions of the charts:


See more examples of the new chart updates in our Google+ and Facebook albums.

These charts are available to purchase in the MaxSea webstore, by contacting MaxSea sales at or through your local MaxSea reseller.

Watch our new video - 5 Interesting Facts about Nautical Charts

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Diary of IMERPOL’s Polar Navigation

Joëlle & Janusz Kurbiel are members of the polar navigation expedition group IMERPOL and use MaxSea TimeZero software on board. They are currently in Newfoundland, heading northwards. Here is an update of their polar experiences:

Waiting for the ice to melt:

We are still in Newfoundland but can not go further north because we are currently blocked by ice. The icebergs are unusually large for the season in this specific location! We are therefore taking this opportunity to sail between the islands of the north coast to perform various tests.

Cold Weather Sailing Guide

Carpet in the propellers!

Everything is going well except for one incident we experienced when launching: the port staff had used pieces of  carpet on top of the lift straps to avoid damaging the hull as it was being lowered into the water. However, these pieces of carpet were not securely attached and ended up getting caught in the propellers! This is how they looked:

Polar navigation Carpet stuck in PropellersThis stopped the engine instantly. We needed to lift the boat out of the water again and painstakingly cut out all the stuff that was caught so tightly in the blades.

Polar navigation IMERPOL

Since then, Janusz has been hearing a strange noise from the engine. Hopefully the shaft and propeller were not distorted, this would make us totally ineffective… we’ll have to wait and see.

Polar navigation Newfoundland Map

Moving on

A storm from the southwest is forecast in a few days. This should clear the ice away allowing us to move a little further.

Thanks Joelle and Janusz! We wish you the best of luck for the rest of your expedition.

We will keep you updated on their travels.

Catch up on IMERPOL’s other MaxSea blog posts here:

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The MaxSea Predict & Win Contest for World Cup 2014!

This contest is perfect for anyone who fancies themself as a football pundit! Just tell us your predictions for the World Cup final, and you could get some great prizes.

The FIFA World Cup is in full swing at the moment in Brazil, and football fans everywhere seem to have an opinion on who they believe (or blindly hope!) will win. If you also like boating, then why not enter the MaxSea Predict and Win World Cup Contest?

Predict and Win MaxSea Contest

The Prize

Good news – you have two chances to win!

  • Predict the final two teams who will go head to head for the World Cup on July 13th. If you guess both of them correctly, win a 15% discount for use in our webstore.


  • If you predict the outright winner of the 2014 World Cup, you will automatically be entered into a sweepstakes. The lucky winner will be chosen at random and will receive a voucher to use in the MaxSea webstore to the value of €499/$450/£397.

MaxSea Predict and Win World Cup Contest


The rules are quite simple. You just need to be over 18 to enter, and one entry per email address will be accepted. You can see the full set of contest rules here.

Contest Deadline

You have until July 8th to enter, so start predicting!

Break a leg!


Enter to win the MaxSea Predict and Win Contest


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Sailing Europe – the Top 5 Destinations this Summer

Going on a sailing trip this summer? Luckily, there are plenty of great destinations in this part of the world – if you’re in Europe that is! Here are five of our top picks for sailing Europe.

5. The Greek Islands

This is a very popular destination for renting chartered sail boats, and you will certainly enjoy the warm waters and beautiful views. Sail from Santorini to Mykonos to experience idyllic island scenery and Mediterranean charm. Renting a boat with a few friends can be a good choice if you’re on a budget, and no need to stay in hotels at night.

Sailing Europe Greece

The Greek island Mykonos

4. Croatia

Croatia has over 1000 islands in the crystal clear seas of the Adriatic, so plenty of beauty is waiting to be explored. Spend your summer taking in the views from the boat, or explore the many beautiful coastal towns, such as Split, Dubrovnik, or Makarska.

sailing europe croatia

The Dubrovnik Coast

3. Ireland

If warm weather is what you’re looking for, this may not be a safe bet. However, the port of Galway in the west of Ireland is beautiful and offers rich history and character. With an oyster festival and the finale to the prestigious Volvo Ocean Race taking place here every summer, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy.

2. Slovenia

Slovenia offers easy access to the Adriatic Sea, and is becoming a hotspot for yachts. Visit the beautiful Bay of Piran, or the towns of Portorož, Izola or Koper, to explore some beautiful ports and marinas.

sailing europe slovenia

The Slovenian Coast

1. French Riviera

As MaxSea is a French company, we are slightly biased, but most sailors will agree that the French Riviera is a particularly beautiful spot to visit in Europe!

The French Riviera stretches along the Côte d’Azur, and features an all-star cast of sailing hubs, such as Cannes, Antibes, Saint Tropez and Monaco.

Wherever you end up going this summer, get there safely with MaxSea TimeZero navigation software.


Free Guide: 10-point safety checklist before sailing

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Jeppesen Chart Updates for North and South America

The following 19 Jeppesen vector chart zones for various parts of North and South America have been updated and are available as of Monday, June 16th, 2014. 

Download these nautical charts online from our Chart Catalog:

Updated navigation chart list

To visualise the coverage of each chart region, simply replace “CHARTREFERENCE” with the chart reference name at the end of the following link:


The chart data in these zones has been updated, and many areas now include additional details, which makes for the safest navigation possible.

Here are some examples of direct comparisons between the last version and new versions of the charts:


Old/new chart example: Los Cabos New chart reference: WVJNAM024MAP6.1


Old/new chart example: Great Lakes – Erie Lake New chart reference: WVJNAM026MAP6.1


Old/new chart example: Great Lakes – Erie Lake New chart reference: WVJNAM026MAP6.1


Old/new chart example: Saint Laurent New chart reference: WVJNAM026MAP6.1

See more examples of the new chart updates in our Google+ and Facebook albums.

These charts are available to purchase in the MaxSea webstore,  by contacting MaxSea sales at or through your local MaxSea reseller. Find a reseller here.



5 Tips for Choosing the Best Nautical Chart

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Learn to Sail: What are the Points of Sail?

If you want to learn to sail, a good place to begin is understanding the points of sail. Also known as “sail positions”, this refers to a sailboat’s heading angle in relation to wind direction. Here, we examine what they are. 

Firstly, you should never sail directly against the wind, and this angle is known as a “no-sail zone”. When sailing directly against the wind, the boat will slow down and eventually stop altogether.

The three main categories of sailing angle are classified as Close Hauled, Reaching and Running.  Each one is different and serves a different purpose.

On the way out of the Gustavia harbour

Close Hauled

In this angle, wind is coming from the forward direction. It is close to the no-sail zone, and approximately at a 45 degree angle to the wind.  This can be useful if the wind is strong and you want to take better control of the boat. Otherwise, it’s not very efficient.


When in this position, the boat is more or less perpendicular to the wind. When reaching, the most important object is sail trim and holding your course. For most modern sailboats, this is the fastest way to sail.

MaxSea Training Sessions in Barcelona


The boat is “running” when the wind is coming directly from behind, across the stern of the boat. Steering can be difficult when running because there is less pressure on the tiller to provide feedback to the helmsman, and the boat is less stable, meaning the boat may go off course more easily than on other points of sail.

learn to sail

Image source:


If you wish to learn more about the points of sail, there are plenty of online resources. Have a look at this website for more details.

MaxSea also offers a range of support and training services to give you tips on sailing with MaxSea software, from a one-hour remote training to a full two-day live training session in Barcelona, Spain. Read about all the types of training available here.

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Marine Electronics for fishing: a MaxSea Testimony

Longtime MaxSea user Dimitri Rogoff is a fisherman and the president of the Normandy Scallop Committee in France. Here, he talks about his experience with MaxSea marine electronics products onboard:

I have used MaxSea navigation software since 1993 and have witnessed the software evolution that has taken place since then.

MaxSea’s strength is that it has always listened to its customers and has used this feedback to develop their valuable tools for navigation and fishing.

Dimitri's boat "En passerelle le Sauvage"

Dimitri’s boat “En passerelle le Sauvage”

My boat’s marine electronics system

My boat “En Passerelle le Sauvage” (“Gateway to the Wild”) is equipped with:

I recently installed a dedicated PC with VMS (Vessel Monitoring System) and Iktus to transmit logbook data.

Marine electronics set up

The marine electronics system aboard

What I like about MaxSea TimeZero

Dimitri Rogoff onboard

Dimitri Rogoff onboard

MaxSea TimeZero is even more powerful than MaxSea’s older version software and its design is great for managing and categorising all the fishing data I have recorded over the last two decades.

Earlier this year I sold my boat, but I remain present in the industry. Now I use MaxSea TimeZero for on-land purposes. I use it to manage scallops and to create and define boundaries.

This works very effectively as each fisherman can leave port with the file containing these boundary areas and rules.

Then they simply connect their USB stick to their MaxSea TimeZero installation to access all the data that was decided on during a previous committe meeting – easy!


Thanks for sharing this information Dimitri!

Follow Dimitri’s adventures on his Twitter account here.


Find a reseller - MaxSea TimeZero PLOT

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